Using BWF Combiner Advanced Options

In many cases you only need to select a source folder, an output folder and click "Convert". However sometimes you'll need more control of the conversion processs by using the advanced options.

Ignore sub-folders

Usually BWF Combiner will process source files in the folder you select and all of its sub-folders. Enable this option if you only want to process the files in the source folder and not its sub-folders.

Keep original track assignments

This option forces BWF Combiner to preserve the original track layout.

Consider a recording consisting of 4 mono files that were originally recorded on tracks 1, 3, 7 and 8 of a BWF location recorder.


Select source tracks

This option allows you to pick which source tracks to include in the generated polyphonic files. When disabled, BWF Combiner will pick all source tracks.

Restrict output polyphony

This option allows you to constrain the output polyphony of the generated files. For example you might need to load the polyphonic files into a system that can only handle 4-channel or 8-channel polyphonic files. When enforcing this contraint, BWF Combiner will discard excess tracks or add extra silent tracks as necessary.